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TechERA offers a variety of consulting services to help established companies as well as entrepreneurs understand how to grow and be highly competitive in the evolving K-12 educational technology market.

K-12 Market and Product Overviews

With over 20 years of direct experience in the K-12 market, TechERA has good historical knowledge as well as insights into current and evolving market trends impacting the change and evolution of educational technology products. This includes virtual learning, home and personalized learning, blended online and classroom learning, flipped classrooms – and the role of assessment, accountability and data-driven decision making in the school market. We are also following the impact of the new Common Core standards on the instructional and assessment processes.

We can provide our clients and investors with an overview of the market trends and products
specifically impacting the design, positioning and marketing of products for success in the K-12 education market.


Competitive Research

A major TechERA expertise is providing customized competitive research for our clients. Starting with the validation of competitors identified by the client or by TechERA, we do in-depth research on each, profiling detailed information on client-defined characteristics such as content and standards addressed, instructional strategies used, technology and information management features included, implementation models, customer support, and pricing. Also included is information on how each product is positioned, promoted and sold by the competitor.


Advice and Critique

TechERA also specializes in advising our clients on best ways to design, position, and/or market their products to address market trends, meet the needs of customers, and successfully sell into the K-12 Market. We can provide consulting and assistance on ways to achieve these goals – or we can critique what clients have already assembled to address them. For the latter see Frank and Brutal.