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Frank & Brutal


Frank & Brutal

FRANK & BRUTAL: The inexpensive way to take a cheap shot at your social media, ad, brochure, marketing plan, or product itself.

For PENNIES we will help you predict if your new ad, promotional piece or marketing campaign will pull DIMES or DOLLARS — and give some suggestions to turn those bucks — before you discover your web site is not getting responses, your email is not full of orders and your telephones aren't ringing.

Our credentials? Well, with over 20 years in the field, our experts are veterans of frenetic experiences dishing out market know-how! You can bet we get it well enough to give it to you! We have dealt with market leaders in all sorts of markets.

Frank & Brutal is not selling advertising or creative services. We are critiquing for you what others or you have done for you. Hopefully, not to you!

We'll put your efforts to the Frank & Brutal test.

If they pass muster, you may have your "home run".

If not, well at least you didn't find out the expensive way!